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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Honey, Locusts & Camel Fur

You know how mom and dad aways tell you to brush your teeth, have clean underwear on and say thank you? Parents are always tyring to refine you. It's kinda their job to turn you into upstanding citizens. I am afraid that somewhere along the line we lost our way. We lost the zeal for life and gained a love for the mundane. I know what your thinking: Anthony, I am happily living my life. I have all the stuff I ever wanted, I am comfortable. --I guess that's the point of this whole blog. Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance who works as a back cracker. In this convo I was having with him he told me he was passionate about his job. I sat silent. I was wondering if he meant he was passionate about the money he gets from his job. I also wondered why he never volunteered his services for free for those who cannot afford to see him if he was so passionate about seeing peoples back pain go away. The point of all of this is that we (specifically the Christian Church) seemed to have lost our way right with the world. We settle for a list of Christian do's and dont's, then we tell our family to dress neatly for an hour on Sunday morning then we go home. No challenge. No excitement. No real battle to fight. Its just blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Have you ever thought about the guy who gave Jesus His baptism? His name was John and by our standards (and anyone's standards for that matter) was considered out of touch with the cultural norm. He dressed funny, He ate weird things, His preaching was, well, lets just say he didn't read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friend's and Influence People." Interestingly, this is the man God chose to pave the way for Jesus. And by the way, Jesus said that their was no one greater than John. Yep, that means Adam-Malachi-Isaiah-you fill in the blank-- John was anything but ordinary. Maybe you should stop trying to be ordinary & stop pushing your little ones to be so tame and start living out their God given talents and gifts? Maybe you or someone you know might "prepare the way of the Lord" like John did.

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