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Friday, June 25, 2010

Divine Design

This past week, I led a study on finding your "Divine Design"with the youth. I used a video by Marcus Buckingham which helps you discover your natural strengths. Marcus suggests an easy way to discover your strengths. He says to take a pad and pen around with you for a week and pay attention to your feelings before, during and after you've done something. He says to write down how you feel and at the end of the week you will find certain things that energize you and certain things that drain you. He says that it is important to then focus your time, energy, and resources on the things you excel at and love doing. The wrong thing to do would be to focus mostly on your weaknesses (the things that drain you --regardless if you are good at them!) Focusing on your weaknesses will leave you in a bad stop as you will never grow as much like you will if you put your focus into your areas of strength. Try it this week and see the areas that leave you energized. In doing so, you will find out your Divine Design. Then look for places to put those passions to use in God's service. And if there is not already a place for you...create one. And if you think that your dream may be small or that one person is not big enough to make an impact...try being closed in a small room with a mosquito!

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