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Monday, June 21, 2010

God pursuing Man

Yesterday at dinner, a conversation was going on about an author who wrote a book about her experiences traveling the world, experiencing culture, food, and life. During this conversation, the person who read the book said that one thing the author emphasized was that "all religions across the board are on a search for God...that is one thing they have in common." Like a chess player who sees a weakness in the other players action in an instant I moved...
"All religions except for the Christian faith" I said.
Blank stares from everyone around the table...
This perhaps is THE defining idea of Christianity. What man cannot do...God does. In the Christian faith, it is God Himself through His precious Son who does the searching. Revolutionary? You bet. It is God Himself who is the hound of heaven according to the Gospel. It is God who sets out and searches for the lost, broken and downtrodden. It is God who sweats. It is God who's heart breaks. It is God that takes on a crowd, takes on a beating, takes on a cross and a crown of thorns in His pursuit of you and me. Jesus. You are forever the King of my heart for this reason. No one can compare to You. If only people would realize that you are for them. If only people would embrace the One who is ready to take them in...

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