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Friday, April 9, 2010

Looking to the Right...

If your like me, you spend a lot of time keeping track of time. I always keep my cell phone calender up to date with all my up and coming events plugged in so I do not forget. This helps me stay on top of things, prepare, and do my best. Over the years I have become pretty good at keeping a full calender, always looking forward to the next event and certainly slashing the old ones off my calender when they are finished. At times, this gives me a weird thrill - like I have accomplished something great. Then I read a story about a man and his son at the beach that really made me think. The man is a minister and was looking for some R&R with his family. He says that on his way to the beach, he looked to his right and saw a handicapped man struggling through the sand. All at once, he looked away, to his left. While he did this, he desperately tried to get his sons attention away from the struggling man by pointing out random things to talk about. But he says that his son could not stop looking to the right at the struggling man. While the pastor continued looking left and the son looking right, a crowd began to gather around the struggling man. Immediately, the son stopped his dad and asked if could go over and help the now fallen man. As I reflect on this story I cannot help but think of my calenders.
Have I scheduled God out of my life?
Going to meetings, preparing for the next event, ready to devour some new piece of
information that will help me help others... In the end, I have to remember at what got me here in the first place. The answer is that it was people investing in me. People who saw a young, aimless kid full of potential but misguided.
Folks who when I was in their sight - did not look left but looked right.

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