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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Filling Up Spaces

I just finished watching a movie about a girl who is infatuated with a cameraman for a local news network. The movie is called, "All About Steve." Side note: If you are debating whether or not to rent this movie -let me save you gas, time and money by imploring you to pick up something else. ...Back to the story. The lady in the movie was by profession a crossword puzzle maker. That means, she is the one responsible for those annoying and impossible puzzles found in newspapers. Throughout the movie she gets totally over her head with a man she hardly knows. All she knows is that he is hot and she thinks he likes her. He does not. The rest of the movie is her stalking this man until the last five minutes where she realizes that he is not in to her and she is not in to him. The Point: Just before the credits rolled, she said something noteworthy:
"I am a crossword puzzle maker... I fill empty spaces with words."
She goes on to say how everyone has empty spaces and that everyone fills those spaces in their own unique way.
Empty spaces in the human heart?
Filled in a unique way?
Jesus said, "I am the Way" in John 14:6. The condition of the human heart is restless until it finds where it is at peace. Jesus came to restore the human condition of brokenness by offering not a path or a set of instructions...but Himself. Just stop reading and think of that. -No to do list. -No set of rules. -No regulations.

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