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Friday, April 16, 2010

Keeping us humble

A quote from Zack Eswine:
"Many of us [Christians] are being forced to remember that one can be inconsistent in doctrine
(like many of us)
mistaken in some things
(like all of us)
and yet truly following Jesus one step at a time."
I write this to point out that we are all on a journey of faith that will continue until we breathe our last. Many folks get so upset with others and are ready to label people as "non-Christians" because of certain beliefs they hold too.
I say put on the brakes...
--Sanctification is a process--
Pastor Andrew, told me once that, "In God's garden there are many flowers." I like that. It leaves me with the idea that we are in God's garden and if every flower were the same -things might begin to turn into a drag.
-God deals with individual people individually-- For example, He may be speaking to one person about one issue in their life and another person about a totally unrelated issue. The Apostle Paul, writes to the Romans, "Accept One Another..." (Rom. 15:1) he goes on to point out that you are to do this because, "Christ Accepted You."
Why is it easy for us to accept the fact that Jesus accepts us and so hard for us to accept each other?

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Christen Kladitis said...

Amen my love!
Or the question: "Why is it so hard sometimes to accept ourself?"