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Friday, January 10, 2014

Mystery to Me.

My son,
You will always be a mystery to me

When I pick up your tiny hospital band
So small, it fits right in the palm of my hand
When I do, I always picture the things together that we would do…

And then, Baby Anthony
Quietly, in my heart I often sit and wonder
Would you have grown up to play ball?
Like dad –would you have been big and tall?

Or like mom,
Would your favorite color have been blue?
When you grew up,
Would you have been eager to tell the truth?

Yes, My dear son
You are a mystery to me,
Now when you mingle with the angels-
I know that you are looking down on mommy and me

I can’t help but imagine…
When would you have taken your first step?
How would our doggie Charlie Brown have reacted when you two first met?

Every now and then
As I walk through the store
I catch myself wondering,
Would you have loved a certain toy?
Or would you be content to just hang out with the other girls and boys?

Sadly, other times I ponder how
We never got to hear your precious cry
And I hate that I will never get the chance to stand at the front door
And wave to you goodbye …

mystery to me you will always be-
Just nine days old
To mommy and me

Written by Dad, with love.

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