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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do you want your son to be an Oak Tree or Squash ???

Before James Garfield became president of the United States, he was president of Hiram college. One day a father asked him about the curriculum, so Garfield began to list the courses the son would have to take to receive his degree.

The man, obviously irritated, interrupted and said, "Mr. Garfield, that is far too much work for the degree that he will get. Couldn't you make it easier?"

"Yes, I suppose I could," replied Garfield.

"But I am reminded that when God wants to build a tall, strong oak tree, he takes 100 years. But he only takes three months to make a squash.
What do you want your son to be an oak tree or squash?"

This story applies in a spiritual sense as well.
See, many people just scratch the surface in their faith walk. In a real way, they resemble a scratch lottery ticket. Take a nickel, scratch the surface with light pressure ... and they are revealed for what they truly are.  
Welcome to Phony Faith.
After the thin outer surface is brushed away, all that is left underneath is a puny list of do's & don'ts.

I have heard it said that it is better to have faith 2 inches wide and 2 miles deep rather than 2 miles wide and 2 inches deep.
Recall that the disciples themselves asked Jesus to increase their faith. I think they knew full well that they could not embark on the mission of spreading the Gospel while being a squash.
-And neither can you or I.

Are you tired of just going through the motions?
I hate to break it to you, but Jesus did not come to this earth to modify your behavior, He came to transform your heart.
And this takes a faith that is substantial.
A faith defined by truth and love.
Something that embodies you; that defines you.

Are you a squash or an oak? 
The answer depends largely on your attitude towards your personal growth. Make a plan for the rest of 2014.  Read 1 book a month. Attend 2 seminars a year.  Listen to an online sermon once a week.  
Make it work for you and you'll start sprouting oak roots! 

Nothing comes easy in life.  Remember, the strongest metal goes through the hottest fire.

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