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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Lack of Leadership: Today, you started smoking so you can have more breaks at work.

So you hate your job.
And the best part of your day is your smoke break -and you don't even smoke.

One of the main reasons why people are so disgruntled at work is directly related to motivation (or lack thereof) in there workplace. 
If you are a leader, then you know how important it is that you keep your workers internal fire lit. 
Below are 10 obstacles that need remedied in the workplace that will help your workers put down their bubble gum cigarette and go back to work (with a smile on their faces). 

10 Obstacles to Work Gratification:
1.  Disagreement with work goals
2.  Duplication of work
3.  Others belittling you/your work
4.  Unwarranted criticism
5.  Unchallenged standards
6.  Lack of recognition
7.  Inconsistency from leadership/management
8.  Job goes on and on and on and on ...
9.  Jealousy
10. Lack of clarification/goals

Take a look at the list again.
Better yet. Write it down. 
Now go to your team and give the list to every one of them and then schedule a time to talk individually & then colletevely. 
Go with an open heart and I guarantee 2 results from your actions:
1) You will have won over the majority of your teams heart.
2) You will have paved the way for a better, more motivated workplace. 

-Do you see any demotivators on the list that you have personally dealt with in your workplace?
-Is the list lacking?  Would you add anything to it?

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