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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Q: What is the best way to abort a Puppy?

2 Questions:
-My 10 month old lab recently finished her first heat. Is there a way to tell if a pure bred dog got her pregnant?
-I am hoping she is not because I only want pure bred labs.
-Is there a method to abort dog pregnancies?

Answer #1: 
Pregnancy (gestation) is 62-63 days in dogs. Because of its short duration there has been no reliable pregnancy test developed for use in dogs. What we can do is feel (palpate) her abdomen. After the 28th day the fetuses are big enough for us to give an answer. What we cannot know is whether they are pure bred Labs until they are born. The greater question is: How important is it to know?

Answer #2: What about finding good homes for cross bred puppies? If the puppies are of mixed ethnicity there will be plenty of deserving homes willing to adopt a multicultural dog. And a mixed bred litter now will have no influence on your dog’s ability to deliver purebred Labrador Retrievers later. That assumes, of course, that Mr. Right will not be concerned about a woman with a past.

Answer #3:
Abortion of the litter? Yes this is possible using injections that are given in the veterinary hospital. It would require your dog to stay for a few days. The process is uncomfortable for the dog and may carry some risk. It is not recommended and is generally unnecessary. You can instead choose to let her deliver the babies. As soon as they are 7-12 weeks of age they should be easy to place with good families. In fact many people prefer mixed bred dogs because of their lower tendency for birth defects.

Repulsive right?


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