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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here's why you HATE your workplace.

--Let's keep this simple.

At work, we expect certain things.
Things, if management were to pay attention to would greatly enhance our work moral.

In Dov Seidman's powerful book titled, "How," he provides a short list of three vital areas that if your company's leadership would pay attention to, would make all your (and their) dreams come true.

The first area of significance is Equity. 
The above word sounds a lot like the word "Equal."  Equality is something we all desire
At work we all want to be treated equally: equal pay, equal respect, equal job security.  Nobody likes it when the pretty girl gets away with everything. And nobody likes it when the boss' grandson shows up to the meeting without combing his hair.  Business need to understand that treating people fairly across the board is not an option.   

The second area of significance is Achievement.
When we are working our tails off, we want our boss(es) / organization to recognize it and celebrate it.  No, we are not immature, no we are not walking around looking for a pat on the back, but the vast majority of workers put in a lot of effort making someone else's dreams come celebrating achievement becomes vital. 

Finally, an area that all employee's want is Camaraderie.
No one, and I mean, NO ONE likes getting up in the morning and heading to work only to want to throw themselves out their car door at 55 MPH because they can't stand the thought of their co-workers.  Having pleasant, productive relationships with those at work is very important.  Yes, this means the rotten egg that is constantly ruining it for everyone else MUST go.   

When businesses ignore those 3, simple values -here is what is left...

[You can either read more, or just rent the movie Office Space...]

-Dissonance & Cynicism-

Because when your company fails you
... you fail it.

--What do you think? 
Is there anything that you think needs added to the list?


ESSmom2three said...

You are very astute in this observation, Anthony and this is the exact reason people look for ways to leave Corporate America where there truly is no job security. Everyone does need a plan B!


Graham @ Confident Man Project said...

Great points; and I love the way OfficeSpace illustrates all three so well. One of my favourite movies!

Cheers, Graham