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Friday, August 31, 2012

The 3 questions that changed everything for me

Below are three developmental coaching questions that you want to sit down and ask every one of your key leaders. As you will see, the focus of the three questions are not externally focused, rather they are internal.  In other words, the questions are directed toward yourself. 

My suggestion is to prepare yourself.  Because a lot of what they will say will be potentially hurtful to you, but it is valuable information you will need to thrive.

-The key is total honesty, an open heart, an open mind and thick skin.

Number one what are my personal existing strengths?
[What am I already doing great around here? & what are my natural strengths?]

Number two what are my personal development challenges?
[What things do I need to overcome in order to be successful?]

Number three what specific suggestions would you give to me in order for me to grow to my fullest potential?
[What are the barriers that I need to overcome in order to achieve success?]

These 3 questions changed my life.
-I sought out older, wiser people that new me and loved me.
The feedback that I received was abundantly helpful and propelled me foreword in more ways that one.

-Who can you find in your life to sit down and ask these 3 questions to?
-What do you think are the answers you will receive when you finally sit down to get these questions answered?
-What is holding you back from asking someone these questions about yourself?

The 3 questions above are found in the above book by Marshall Goldsmith.


Ann Mullen said...

I think I am not strong enough for the answers. I'm thankful for the idea. I will mull it over for the next thousand years while I work to get my act together first. :)

Lisa Kanarek said...

These are important questions and good ones to consider. I would ask the two people who know me the most: my spouse and my sister (also my best friend). I know they would be honest and give me good advice.

Anthony Kladitis said...

I agree that these questions are not for everyone. It all depends on how much you can take.

Lisa, I see you and I are on the same lines in terms of asking our spouse. But be careful! Fights may follow lol.