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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disruptive Change

In life, there are 2 types of change you will face.

The first are everyday challenges that I call Baby C's
Whether it is closing a difficult sale at work or changing grades in school, these are changes that more often than not are part of your regular activity.

The second type of change are challenges that are by nature disruptive.
I call these Big C's.  These challenges come along and knock you off your normal course of action. 
A good example of a Big C was 9/11.  Prior to that day, the United States as a whole operated like terrorism was something that happened elsewhere in the world.  Since 9/11, our entire nation's thinking has shifted. 
---Terrorism has changed the way we live our lives. 

An Illustration:
At one time, railroads were the most powerful companies in the United States. Over the past century, these mega-companies have receded into struggling relics, shells of their past might. They now struggle to maintain relevance.
--What happened to the railroad companies?

--The railroad companies did not realize that they were in the transportation business, not the railroad business--

When disruptive change occurs, it alters your future. 
What you thought your life was going to look like is no longer valid.

I am sure that you have experienced Disruptive Change in your life.  My best advice is when this happens, go the One that promises to hold you & sustain you.

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