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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anthony introduces the world to ... Anthony's Law!

You are certainly familiar with Murphy's law which states, "If anything can go wrong, it will."  Today I would like to introduce you to the newest Law on the books...Anthony's Law

Simply stated, Anthony's Law is as follows:

When you emphasize the project over the person/people you get poor performance.
When you emphasize the person/people over the project you get positive results.

Simpler Version:

Poor Performance

Positive Results

This Law was derived in class one night after our instructor divided everyone up into 2 groups.  The Professor then gave our a team assignment to accomplish.  As we walked over to our station some of the team members started bossing others around, giving orders and demanding to take over.  I watched as the other teammates either shrunk back in fear or simply stood around (I handed mine off and walk away .... I'm a firm believer in the 80/20 Rule). 

After I reflected on the impact of the dominate members, I had a flash of inspiration. 
Which we all now know as Anthony's Law.

The breakdown of the Law is that in a working environment, you must take in consideration the people that you are working with. The people you are trusting to accomplish a task should be competent (or at least should be if you hired them), therefore they must feel valued and have a shared voice --if you want things to run smoothly. 

Sadly, most leaders do not work this way.  And perhaps this is the downfall to most groups...whether it is a Fortune 500 company or your family.  Keep in mind that even the Scriptures teach us that God deals with you as a father does his own son (Heb. 12:7). Like any good father will take in consideration his children's differences and treat them uniquely so does a great leader.

Start instituting Anthony's Law today and watch people thrive!

 "The sheep hear My voice and follow Me because they know My voice."
-John 10:3-4

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