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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Holiness, Justice, Love: 3 Ingredients for making Godly Decisions

Last night wrapped up my fourth course in the MSOL program. The class was on Ethics and Leadership. Throughout the class we used a paradigm by the author Alexander Hill to help us in making Biblical decisions, especially in grey areas. Hill says that, "Christian ethics require three characteristics to be taken into account when decisions are made. " 1. Holiness: When untethered from justice and love it drifts into hypercritical legalism (Your the Pharisee) 2. Justice: When it loses its anchor in Holiness and love, it produces harsh outcomes (Your the hammer and everyone else is the nail) 3. Love: When it is orphaned lacks an adequate moral compass. (Your the human doormat)
Think about how you make decisions? Do you include all three aspects?

As a follower of Jesus, when faced with an ethical situation, I first have to look to my standard, which is God's Word (Holiness). Then, I consider the norms/laws in the organization or community (justice) and finally, I include love, so that I do not end up being rigid or is the ingredient that helps me see each problem uniquely.

What do you think?

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