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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Charlie List

I'm not totally sure how many of you have actually met my dog Charlie, so I have decided to write a top ten list of his favorites.

-He is watching me type this right now, so I am treading lightly...

1. Sunday mornings. He is a Christian.
2. Sunday afternoons at my parents. He sits under the table right by dad. You can probably guess why.
3. Riding in cars.
4. Going on walks.
5. Sleeping on beds (he is allowed ONLY in the winter. This is Christen's idea by the way...she says he is too cold !?).
6. Prank phone calls. [yes, he picks up the phone and selects random people to call...then just breathes!]
7. His tennis ball.
 8. Treats.
9. Christen (He thinks she is His girlfriend).
10.Going to the park and running after his tennis ball. This routine is filled with treats and adventure. There is simply nothing better in the world of dogdom.

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