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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting Sloppy

Living life can be sloppy. I started a new class yesterday and was frantically running around getting all of my stuff ready for school. "Great!" , I thought as I had everything in my hands running out the door, "I have everything I need and am leaving with just enough time to get me to where I need to be" I thought. This is where the sloppy part comes in. As I swung open my house door, a huge man was standing at my doorway with the screen door open. I screamed and asked him, "what in the world are you doing?" He replied that he has been knocking and that he was sorry. He then told me that he needed gas because he ran out. -THE DILEMMA- = I have to be in Pittsburgh at 1:00. It is 12:00 now. If I give this man a ride to the gas station, I will be late for my class!
What to do... what to do... what to do... what to do...
I told the guy I would give him a ride. I got to class 25 minutes late because of it. Everyone looked at me funny as I walked into class. THE POINT: Life is sloppy when you take time for other people. God may ask you to do things that are not part of your plans. He does this to stretch you. Jesus modeled this best as He left the splendors of heaven for a desperate and I.

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