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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Are you a Good Girl?

Are you a good girl?

I recently read this very short, yet effective illustration that I just had to share with you.
The strength lies in its simplicity.  
I think you'll agree after you read this that it will be something you will want to pass on. Maybe you have a daughter that could use this advice or perhaps you are a leader and want to influence a group of young ladies with this enduring message. 

"Good Girls are Like the Apples on the Top most part of a Tree. While the Bad girls are the Apples that Have fallen Down and Rotten. So, Most Guys are Soo Lazy to Climb all the way to the Top to get the Good Girls, So, they tend To pick on the Bad girls, (rotten apples) down. 

Those Girls (Apples) on top, sometimes think that there is Something Wrong with them, Because the ones which are rotten, (bad ones) are picked Easily Leaving them waiting on top.
So the ones on top Decide to fall, hence Becoming Bad and rotten. So, Ladies be Patient, the Right guy will not Be tired to Climb All the way to the top ...  And Get you."

Above, there are two important truths to grasp.  
The first is obvious, a girl should know her value.  The story above does a fantastic job at illustrating this. The other truth is not as evident, it is implied, but never stated overtly. The other gem hidden in this striking illustration is when a girl chooses to stay at the top of the tree, she will by default ward off all the low-hanging low-life's. 

The Bible teaches us in the book of 2 Corinthians (6:14), "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship can light have with darkness?" The key to unlocking this passage is in the word, "yoke."  A yoke (I know you envisioned the yellow-y center of an egg) is a tool used by farmers. It hitched two strong bulls together so they could plow fields in perfect unison. The reason the Bible tells a person to not be unequally yoked, is the same reason you would never hitch a Strong bull with a Wimpy donkey. 

The plow lines would soon become terribly crooked due to the strength of the mighty bull overpowering the sad donkey. 

Let's circle back to our original illustration. 

When a girl stays at the top of the tree, she keeps her standards high, thus eliminating all the bad boys that will not match her own intrinsic quality. In reality, just by her position alone she will have eliminated a good 90% of rotton apples. 

The takeaway is that in relationships you ought to seek a spouse with similar values, morals and ethics. So hear this ladies, and hear me loudly; never compromise your position on the tree. Because one day, God will position another apple on another branch that fits your core beliefs ... 
And when He does, you just found your perfect applesauce. 

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