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Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to Groom "Mad Men" style

Let's meet the team.  
From left to right: A toner, a cleanser, pre-shave oil, razor, shave gel, moisturizer. 

Alright.  Let's get right down to it. Today is about looking your best.  People judge you on your appearance, so it is about time you come to grips with this.  I know, I know, "God looks at my heart..." blah blah blah.  Well, here is a news flash for you: God may look at your heart, but your boss or future employer does not.  Now that the matter is settled, let's get you looking like you are about to star in the next Mad Men episode. 

The first 3 steps are all PRE-SHAVE fundamentals. 
Step one is to cleanse. You want to wash your face with warm water and then pat dry.  It's OK to leave your face damp, this will help with steps 2 & 3.  I prefer to shave just out of the shower because the steam from the water really softens up my abrasive whiskers. Next, take the pre-shave oil and add about  3 drops onto your fingertips.  Spread evenly onto your beard and let it sit for a few.  The last step is adding a tiny bit more water to your face with the *shave gel.  Apply the shave gel in a circular motion making sure your properly cover every angle of your beard.  

*A note on the shaving cream fella's.  I've been down the same aisle at Wal-Mart as you have been; although you may find a cheaper foam / gel to purchase, don't.  You will end up paying maybe a dollar fifty more, but the good stuff lasts long and will give you a better shave experience! 

I chose this cleanser due to the natural appeal.  It dispenses a thicker gel that I work into a lather before I shave. 

Don't waste water by having it run the whole time you shave either.If you do, I'll tell my dad and he will find you. Seriously, fill the bowl with hot water and rinse after each stroke with your razor. 

I am currently finishing up American Crew's shave line for men. I enjoyed this brand but am looking forward to trying something new next.

A little will go a long way. Be sure to really work the goods into your beard. I like to wait a few before I shave to have it marinade. 

Shave with the grain!  Always!
If you are like me, you experience in-grown hairs along the jaw line.  This is extremely annoying.  The best way to avoid that nasty-ness is to follow my guide. Also, be sure to use a sharp razor. 

POST-SHAVE: Now on to the final steps. 
After you are done shaving you will want to finish strong.  First, splash some cold water on your face.  This will (a) get all the crud off your face and (b) help close your pours / increases blood flow.  Then, add a little toner to your face.  Personally, this step is fairly a new one for me, but I have really seen and felt a difference with my skin.  Finally, grab the moisturizer, and add it evenly on to your entire face and neck. 

I am always amazed at what the toner picks up.
Even after I wash my face, there still seems to be a never ending supply of dirt and skins cells that still need swept away. 

I found this brand and did some research on it after buying on impulse. It does a great job at delivering ample rejuvenation and hydration post-shave. 

The final. Final step.
I am 6'3. People spend a lot of time looking up to me. 
That's a good thing, until my nose hairs grow into tree trunks and start protruding in places they need not be. Guys, take care of this with the 2 tools above. 
*This also applies to the uni brow.
Uni brow's are a no-no Also.   

The Results ?
Me: Sad. Black & White. Scary movie material. 

Me: Happy. Smiling. In Color.
-Don Draper style- 

It's amazing what a great shave will do for a man! 

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