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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Geraldo Rivera Blames Trayvon Martin' s Hoodie

Do you agree or disagree?

Why or Why not??


Christi Johnson said...

This guy is a hot mess. Why does he think that wearing a hoodie is license to shoot and kill someone?? I cannot believe that he BLAMED the child for this.

I will NEVER watch anything he's in again...not even a commercial. This is bigotry at it's absolute best.


Melissa Awais said...

As much as I CANNOT EVEN STAND THE SIGHT OF HIM... he is right. His comments do not in anyway justify what happened to this poor kid. I think Zimmerman should be charged with manslaughter, maybe even murder 1, being that he had the intent to kill the man/kid by pointing the gun and shooting it. I really do... but he has a point. I am half Italian & half Syrian... my husband is 100% Egyptian. When we walk through the airport, holy moly do we get looked at and even worse my husband gets security scanned every time. YOU KNOW WHAT>>> WE DON'T CARE. My husband says, Why Not? We feel safer too, knowing that, or hoping that, all other middle easterners are getting the same treatment... They don't know or care that my husband saves AT THE VERY LEAST 3 "AMERICAN" lives a day. Maybe they do prior to our flights. The point being, guilt by association is there, whether we like it or not!!!! If there were several breakins in the area and this moron was given an actual gun to shoot, ( not tazer or club) which I think should be investigated anyway, the hoodie just adds that extra 2%. PUT ZIMMERMAN IN JAIL, yes, but the facts are the husband in a suit and tie at the airport or the muslim in the next line with a full on beard and wearing a turban... not that you wouldn't be sceptical of both and heck maybe some people would not even pay attention to or notice the suit and tie guy, but the turban guy gets the extra 2%, let's all be honest here...

Anthony K said...


-Very good points.

If you dress like a pirate you will get treated like a pirate.

It seems the liberal media once again spinned the facts/ignored reality one more time.