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Friday, December 16, 2011

Little girl ran over & 15 people walk by her ... AND IGNORE HER!

I know today is usually funny Friday's on WOAD. 

But I just ran across something so horrible and gut-wrenching that I had to pass it along right now.  What has happened to "loving your neighbor as yourself!?"
Yes!  You are your brother's keeper and when people are down and out, if you can help then help!
*If you have a weak stomach I am not sure this is for you btw.

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David said...

I've seen the video before. It is just totally amazing how many people didn't see the girl, just "someone else's problem".

If I remember the facts correctly, the girl was brought to hospital. She was alive. I have no idea if the girl survived after that, but if not, consider this:

The first time she was hit might have been an accident. The driver did not just ignore her. He did not just commit a hit-and-run. He stopped. Then purposefully ran over her again - and if she ended up dying from the wounds, it was premeditated murder.