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Monday, October 3, 2011

Breaking News: "Naked Fundraiser" @ Church!

I heard this story on the radio today as I drove to work:

"Unitarian Universalists in the Media," 
-A Massachusetts congregation's fundraising calendar of naked older men from the parish.

Twelve men, ages 64 to 87, from the First Parish in Framingham, Mass., posed nude for a calendar produced by the church to “raise funds and awareness that older men age like fine wine.” The same congregation has also produced a calendar of naked female church members in the past.
(Milford Daily News)

My thoughts: 
Fundraisers are a great thing, we have them at my church. 
The main difference is we like to have our clothes on during our Spaghetti Dinners.

Seriously, when is too far... too far?? 

-How is the naked fundraiser uplifting to others and more importantly to our Lord?


Troy Sowden said...

They are unitarian universalists. They aren't concerned about lifting up the Lord.

Anthony K said...

Troy...good point!