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Friday, January 9, 2015

The customer is always right ... right?

"If I’d ask my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse."

Above is a quote from Henry Ford which tells us that the customer is in fact, not always right. 

His desire was to improve transportation, not just to make it better, and if he would have listened to everyone else -then you and I might look a lot like our Amish friends.  Amish are cool and all, but do you really want to get in your fancy horse and buggy when it is January 8th, 3 degrees outside, and rushing wind that will push the skin off of your cheekbones?  I don't either. 

One application from Ford's insight applies to making group decisions.  
According to Saint & Lawson, it is important to keep in mind that when utilizing the inquiry process (making a decision), that everyone in the organization does not have to agree before a decision can be made.  Consensus does not mean unanimity on everything, rather is a mutual feeling that all concerns have been addressed.

This is a good thing to keep in mind, especially when making a decision in a group setting.  As a leader, you have to get your people talking and extract their thoughts.  At the same time, some people who have more training in a specific area oftentimes will speak with more authority or knowledge because this is their field of expertise.  Good leadership recognizes this facet and allows the decision making process time to flow.  Remember the old saying, "haste makes waste?
When making decisions, that is often the case!

Decision making is a process. 

Healthy decision making includes hearing from everyone on your team.
A wise decision is usually not made when trying to appease the entire group.
Take your time when making decisions. 
Experts on a certain subjects are experts for a reason, listen to them! 
Finally, getting in horse buggies might seem like tons of fun ... until the Polar Vortex rolls around and rips your face off. 

"In the abundance of counselors there is victory"  
-Proverbs 24:6b

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