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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Father's Prayer: Isabella Grace.

This is my first prayer for you:

I pray that your life will merge with the Living God.
May you enter by the Narrow Gate. And may you journey on the Narrow Road. 
I know that it is common for parents, especially father's, to pray for "smooth seas" & an easy path for their kids. But this prayer is not about that ...

This prayer is about you doing the right things - even in the face of adversity.
This prayer is about facing the tough issues of life - and then taking the high road.
This prayer is about standing face to face with the giants in your life - and not backing down.

Isabella, I do not pray for an easy life for you - rather, this father's desire is to see you follow after the Heart of God.

Like Abraham, may you seek a heavenly calling.
Like Joseph, may you trust God during the bright days & the dark ones. 
Like Moses, may you continually seek the face of God.
Like Joshua, may you align yourself with God's truth, regardless of the crowd.
Like Rahab, may you seek truth & love.
Like Esther, may you be beautiful both on the outside and the inside.
Like David, may you face your Goliath's, and then triumph over them in Jesus name.
Like Josiah, may your face turn away from the idols of life.
Like Isaiah, may you boldly step up and answer the call of God for your life.
Like Solomon, may you seek the wisdom of God, that you may lead wisely. 
Like the early apostles, may you put "down your nets" to serve a higher purpose.
Like Mary, may you be passively active. Passive to  your will, yet actively open to His.
Like Paul, may you spread the greatest message this earth has ever known.
Like John, may you sit at the bosom of the Lord and rest.
And finally, like Jesus, may you Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself. 

Isabella, May your purposes follow His purposes.
May your desires mirror His desires.
And one last thing, do not forget to be yourself. 
Walking to the drum beat of the crowd is boring. Any dead fish can swim down stream. So be genuine. Be authentic. 
Be Isabella Grace.  

Then, you will be truly great.
Then, you will have captured more than just your earthly father's heart -but more importantly, your Heavenly's too. 



Judy Greenwald, RN said...

and wearin' a springsteen tee to boot. once again, a heart melting picture!!

Joy Hill said...

very touching and from the heart. Your going to be a wonderful dad, and have a lot of exciting things to look forward . God bless.
Joy Hill

Ann Mullen said...

I am so very happy for you all. I love the prayer for your beautiful daughter.