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Monday, February 4, 2013

How I found myself.

Have you ever spent time with someone that was truly unique?
Even if you could not put your finger on it at the time, there was just something about that person, wasn't there?
-How the heck did they get that way? 
-Were they born that way?  
-Did they read something that I missed? 

Truth is, many times a person of influence goes through a process in life that had 3 stages.  Many are not aware of the process, while some others are; nonetheless, there are 3 phases that you will go through to find yourself.

Stage One:  Looking OUT
Generally, in this first phase, you spend a lot of time learning about great people.  You pick up books about inspirational men and women, you pay attention to those admirable people around you and you start mimicking the qualities in them that you admire.  I can remember in seminary watching many of my classmates mirroring our homiletics (fancy word for the guy that taught us how to preach) professor.  The interesting thing is that the students did not even know that they were doing this.  Over time, his voice became their voice.  His emphasis became their emphasis and so on.  There is nothing wrong with this, and is very appropriate during this stage.  Great men and women are admired and worthy of our modeling.

Stage Two:  Looking IN       

Somewhere along the line, time passes and you start looking at yourself.  You notice that you do not want to sound just like your seminary professor.  You want to sound like you; like the distinct person that God created.  So you start looking within, and begin the painful and long process of discovering who you uniquely are.  During this stage, you realize you have to grow in all aspects of your life if you want to be successful and develop in to the man or women God intended you to become. 

Stage Three:  Moving ON
This is the point in your life where you develop your own voice.
You are your own person.  You express yourself in your own way.  People know your style and more than this, people can identify it as yours alone.  People stand back and say, "Anthony just preached a sermon that only Anthony can preach."
Unfortunately, for many people, their development stalls in the 1st stage.  The reason?
It is easy to remain there.  Don't kid yourself.  In order to get to the 3rd stage, it will take all of your resources.  And when I mean all. I mean ALL.  Time, energy, money, family, friends, Etc.

I have seen this process in my own life.  I can remember downloading and listening to every great preacher.  I can remember reading all the homiletics books that I could get my hands on.
But over time, a funny thing happened. 

-I shed my skin-

Today, I couldn't tell you who was the greatest or most famous preacher.  All I could tell you is if you come and listened to Anthony preach on a Sunday morning --- you'll hear a sermon delivered in the tradition of Anthony Kladitis. 

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to

 make you something else is the greatest


― R. W. Emerson


Ann Mullen said...

You pegged it again, Anthony. I wish I could come hear you give a sermon the way only Anthony can. I really admire you and all the gifts that you so willingly share.

Anthony Kladitis said...

Ann, I am blessed and in turn, I bless.