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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everybody wants to be an expert.

Today's post is from one of the most inspiring people I know, Nick Cerda. Nick writes an excellent blog titled, "Nick Cerda.". Please go to his blog ( to read all of his insights on leadership and life.I encourage you to follow Nick's blog & follow him on Twitter.

Everybody wants to be an expert.


Nobody listens if you’re not. We gain and maintain credibility by being knowledge about any given field. Leadership, management, athletics, etc all have one thing in common- nobody listens to you until you have something worth saying and they know you have something worth saying because you’ve done or are doing something significant.

We all have a story to tell. We are all responsible to tell it. How do we get people to listen?

It’s simple. Do something significant and somebody will listen. Do quite a few significant things and more people with listen. So in short…be significant. Go ahead, get started.

Good luck with that.

Maybe there’s a better way?

Anything worth doing is worth doing. I know that sounds silly. It might not even make sense. Let me explain.

We often wait to start a new habit until we have time. We never tell our story because we don’t think our story is worth telling… yet. We don’t write because we aren’t ready. We don’t lead because we aren’t ready. We don’t take the next step because we just don’t feel ready.

We don’t feel ready because we aren’t prepared. We haven’t done enough research. We’re afraid we’ll fail.

Stop waiting.

Start doing.

Anything worth doing is worth doing, even for a short amount of time. How do you think these “experts” get good at something in the first place? They did “it” when no one was watching. They did “it” before they were ready. They did “it” before they felt prepared and long before they were certain they would ever be any good at “it”.

We want guaranteed success before we venture out and take risks. That’s never going to happen.

Stop waiting. Start doing.

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