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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Divine Moment(s)

There is this book I have been treading through called, "Chasing Daylight."
In the first chapter, the author offers up a pretty interesting concept he calls divine moments. He goes on to point out the connection between English word "moment" and the Greek word atom. Apparently the word atom in Greek brings with it the idea of "being unable to be broken down an further." You know, like the atom is the smallest unit possible type thing...

Anyway, the point is that we found a way to break down the atom. To split it.
And with this finding came BIG things...Like blow you off the face of the earth BIG. This is where things get really interesting. Your divine moment, is when you realize that God is ready to break into your mundane world and cause great things to happen.

-Kind of like when we spilt the atom-

Think of your life, and just how many routines you have. I bet that the majority of your day and week is spent doing the same things over and over and over.
Your divine moment is what happens when God enters the picture right in the middle of your regular life.

A recent example: I like to go to the gym and usually I do not like small talk when working out. This past week, a young man came up to me on two separate occasions and told me he needs God in his life and wants to start going to church. The first time he did this, I listened and then asked for his phone number. I wrote it down on a brown paper towel, stuck it in my gym bag and then walked over to the treadmill.
The second time, I put my gear down and listened. Unlike before, I really listened to his heart and his story. This time I was ready to shift my time and my workout for this young man.

-I was aware of the divine moment happening-
-I was ready for God to work-

It is just like God to work like this. In the book of Acts, Saul was traveling on a road with some companions and then in an instant -God showed up. I often wonder what Saul's traveling compadreas thought of the whole thing as they witnessed it. (Were their jaws hanging around their knees?) If you think about it, in one moment, Saul became Paul. His life was changed forever. And in turn, he changed the world as we know it.
-Your divine moment may might just be just one moment away-

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Dave said...

Great post. I find myself not letting God interrupt my routine - but how much more would my life be if I did.