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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walking in to my old school...

This is the first time in over 13 years that I visited by junior high school, Ben Franklin. When I walked into it, I felt a weight on my chest.
 -The weight of time-

It waits for no one. I never really thought anything special about Ben Franklin -but today I do...I was there.
My friends were there.

When I walked the halls, stared at the old pool, cringed in the locker rooms, and glared down the old hallways, I felt an emptiness inside.
I forgot so much -even though I spent so much of my life there. People always say, "If I knew then what I know now", I keep telling myself that, but I'm really not sure how it applies.
I just feel lonely when thinking about it... I guess it's like walking into your old house that you grew up in and now see a new family living in it.

You want to remember it as you knew it.

You want everything to be the same.

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