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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Family Game Night

It seems like quality time with your family is hard to come by these days. So many distractions! Play practice, ball games, deadlines ... does it ever end? Just last week Christen and I had one of those great night's where we shut of the TV and played old fashioned board games.

The first game we played was UNO.
It took us a few rounds to remember exactly how to play, but we figured it out. The first player to win 3 games is champion at the house. So the stakes where high. Christen won the first. I won the second. She won the next. And then in Montana-like fashion I made a stealth come-back to win 3 games to 2. 
-At least that is how I remember it.

The next game we played was Scrabble.
This was a bit tricky due to our spelling / grammar / syntax / phraseology family issues.

Here is the before shot. 
When Christen and I were still friends ...

And here is the after photo. 
Take a good look at those words folks, I am not going to say which words belong to whom, but a huge clue would be that any word you have never heard of belongs to the other player. (Let's thank Google for that).  

We had a lot of fun playing these games. It reminded me of the days when we did not have cable or Internet. Yes, you read that right. We laughed, we talked, we played together. And it felt good.

Wondering who won the Scrabble game? Take a good look at the bottom of the picture. You will see something that rarely happens in this game. 
A tie game! Can you believe it?

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