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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Balloon launch for Baby Anthony

The balloon launch was initiated by Hannah's Oak.
As you can see, my car was filled with balloons.
Each one represented a son, daughter or grandchild no longer with us.

No one ever imagines that they would be standing in a field, holding balloons in honor of their child.
I was ready to let my balloon go, then the sun suddenly came out in full force and I looked down to see our shadows.  This is the reality that we now live in.  Anthony is not here with us, he is like a shadow, a memory, that we grasp on to, but cannot wrap our arms around...
Christen & her dad trying to rig the 50/50
Mom, dad & Aunt Julie showing their support.
Thankful for the hot coffee on this chilly October day!
Free cookies from Eat n' Park!

I couldn't write anything on my balloon.
I just put a heart on it becuase I knew that as I let it go, there would my heart go also.
They gave everyone pens to write a message.
This is Christen's to Anthony.
"Anthony, I miss you and love you my precious son.
I wish you were here!
Continue watching over all of us."
Love, Mommy

Dad & Aunt Lindsay trying their best to win a prize.
(They Lost)
Mom & Dad writing a message to their grandson.
I snapped this picture right before we left. I was trying get some balloons as they drifted away.
When I got home, I was disappointed that I totally missed them.
But what I did take is a bit unusual.
-Is it a Heart?
-Is it the back of an Angel?

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anthony P. said...

while i could not make it i was there in prayers are always for you two..