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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If you could read my mind right now...RAW & Unedited.

If you could read my inmost thoughts tonight you'd find a lot of mixed up feelings.

At the tip of my heart and mind is an aching for my son. He has been on my mind a lot lately. Earlier today, someone referenced his death as a mystery (in terms of what caused it).
"Was it a cord compression or a tiny blood clot?"

My response?
Tears. They streamed.

I didn't plan on that by the way.

I just sat there and looked at the person and cried. I imagine it was pretty awkward for them, but I knew
better. The tragedy of my son Anthony's death will take the worlds strongest man by his throat, pick him up and throw him around like rag doll.

We lost so much January 19th.

Sometimes I look at my wife and thank God that her good days outweigh her bad ones. And I don't pretend to underscore the reason for that; Jesus.

That's right.
The tender love and compassionate arms of the King. See, after going through hell, it's easy to recognize heaven. Jesus, the mighty one, is actually drawn to people like Christen. This is why I don't hesitate to reflect all glory and praise right back to Him.

And this means in the good and the tragic.

Jesus, the mighty King.
Jesus, the compassionate One.

I don't know why You took Anthony.
I miss him now.
I imagine him as he would be presently....

Take good care of Him for me and his mom.


Nelly said...

Still so heartbroken for you both. We will keep praying for peace and comfort.

Melissa Awais said...

Anthony, my heart still aches for you and your wife. I want you to know that although your pain is immeasurable, you should also know that your strength is inspiring. I'm sure some days are better for you than others, but your ability to keep your faith and to keep on being you makes me feel like I can too. My troubles do not compare to your loss in any way, but courage still courage and hope is still hope.

Good things are coming your way Anthony & Christen!

Ben Yost said...

I am sorry for the loss .Praying for you big guyand your wife too

Ben Yost said...

I'm srry for the loss .. you and christen are in my prayers big guy!

Anonymous said...

Come ye disconsolate, where 'er ye hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.


Anthony Kladitis said...

Ben, I appreciate your prayers brother! We all miss you at Engage(d) Bible study too.

Anthony Kladitis said...

Annie, I love love love the quote you posted! Thank you so very much!