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Monday, August 20, 2012

6 Years: Happy Vaca-sary!

We started the trip from Pa. to Fl. at 7 p.m. and drove all the WAY through
until we reached our destination. 
Walking into the condo was a huge relief.
-I was literally sick after driving for so long-
The next day, we found ourselves at the beach!
-Bath Tub Reef-

We took a long walk one day and found this quaint dock.
This is the place where a boater pulling a guy on a water ski drove by us and decided to soak us with water.
My Reaction: I got up to find rocks for when they come by by again...
Christen's Reaction: That was refreshing
See, most of you think that I made the above up...
But I literally took this picture moments before we got Water Launched.

Since I am a million times bigger than Christen, I took the brunt of the water...

This is Amato. 
Amato is as Italian as they come and he took a liking to us the very first night.
This is the first of a few glasses of Vino with our Pisano.
And finally, this is how I spend most of the next day after our arrival.
-My knees hurt, I moved like Dr. Frankenstein's creation,
and my stomach was literally in knots.
-But, hey we did it!

Don't miss my next post with even more pics from our
6 year Vac-asary

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