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Friday, January 13, 2012

Now I Lay me Down to Sleep

  • During this trial, the charity, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep ( [came for free] to the hospital to take pictures of baby Anthony with his mommy & daddy.
Because Christen and I have been blessed with such wonderful photos of our son, (many photos you have seen on my blog are from this company) I would like to help them as they are totally non-profit.

For every person that simply joins the over 300 followers of this blog, I will donate 25 cents towards the charity. 
-That means for every 4 people, a dollar will be donated.
-For every 100 people, 25 dollars will be donated.
And if you can help raise 100 dollars, I will match that with another 100.000 for a grand total of $200.00!

Perhaps you are like me, and everday you look for a little way to make a difference; to add significance to your life. By following this blog -you just did.

---Please consider this opportunity.

I know how much it meant for Christen and I to have these pictures taken and I want this company to be around for any other family too.

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