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Monday, August 29, 2011

Anthony, Christen & Charlie @ the Park! 2011

The height of Charlie's life involves two things
Treats AND Running in the Park.

Recently we combined the two and created ...


Above, Christen is "laying down the law" with Charlie. 
Notice how attentive he is to her.

Next, I walk over to Charlie and gently remind him that if he does not listen to Christen's instructions he will go back to the farm that I bought him from for $5.

Charlie responds by giving me the cold shoulder!
He then calls my bluff and asks me for a treat...
He is strategic. 

Above:  Charlie chooses a different approach by pretending to listen. 

Above:  Charlie loves to explore his surroundings!

Below:  Charlie returns with the L. L. Bean chew toy ready to enjoy some Milk Bones!

After a long day at the park, Charlie comes over to me and asks me to bend down to his level.  He then asks me, "to hold the chew toy up to my face and start slowly moving it back and forth." 
As I do this, he quietly chants, "You will bring me back here tomorrow..." 
He does this over and over until I remind him about that farm he came from again.   

Charlie is 7 years old and I can still see the puppy in him!
He is a joy to my heart and has provided insurmountable therapy for Christen and I.

"To his dog, every man is Napoleon;
hence the constant popularity of dogs."
~Aldous Huxley


Yomar said...

What kind of chew toy is that and is it bulldog-proof? I may need one.. Dig the photo-journal-style blog entry, dude. It reminds me that I need to exercise with my dog more.. but we get some good play time in.

(Honestly, I prefer to wait for when the weather is less humid here in the South.. Then we can run around a lot more! Haha)

Karla Campos said...

I love the pics, you and your wife really look like you guys enjoy your time with Charlie. It's funny how you remind him about the farm he came from hopefully that keeps him in check lol

Patrick McIntosh said...

Love the pictures of the fun dog outing. He looks like my best buddy's dog. What a great dog.

Anthony K said...

Thanks everyone!

We love Charlie...

BTW: Yomar, the chew toy would be great for the bulldog. We got it for Charlie last Christmas at the BIG L L Bean store in Pittsburgh. I'm not sure if they sell them on their website...

John said...

You have a great blog. I am following you via e-mail. I loved the story of Charlie and am going to share it. Thank you.