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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anthony's Rant: Marital Advice from a Pro

The purpose of this post is to discuss the article in ESPN's magazine titled:

“Why should you take marital advice from a Pro?" 

If you didn't have the pleasure of reading this article, don't worry, you didn't miss anything of real value.  That is unless, you wanted to read about how "player x" fouled up the institution of marriage. 

The premise of the article was for veteran NBA professional, [who goes by (player x)] to give counsel to the younger NBA players in the league. 

The summary of tips:

1.Have a prenup in place before you get married.

2.Perhaps an “open door” policy with your spouse will make your marriage stronger.

3.Don’t mess with your teammates’ partners

The prenup:
Translation = A prenuptial is where you and your soon-to-be spouse sign a written agreement that has been mutually negotiated and when each party has been advised by independent counsel. 
Anthony's Comments...
-Jordan jumps, he fades back, he hits the 3 for the win!!Nothing says commitment like signing something that the both of you will certainly break up one day.  

The open relationship:
Translation = The husband and wife can have intimate/sexual relationships with anyone at anytime, and just remain married. 
Anthony's Comments....
-Nothing says 'I Love You' more than if temptation happens to dribble your way. Remeber, don't juke just go for a slam dunk! 

The teammate code: 
Translation = Temptation is so great that Player X has to allow his spouse to give in to those temptations.  But consider it a double dribble if his wife goes after one of his team members
Anthony's Comments...
You can mess around with any person on this long as he does not wear the same colored jersey as me.  Remember, Player X is big on loyalty, as long as that loyalty is not to his wife. 

Anthony's Final Comments:
-Player X's advice is not shocking to me- 
When you forget the One who came up with idea of marriage to begin with, 
you are simply up to your own devices. 
In other words, Player X is recreating marriage to his own liking
Man does this everyday when he abandons God's precepts. 

I believe Pascal said it best when he stated:

"God created man in his own image...and man returned the favor."

What do you think about Player X's advice??


benoit said...

very well said pator 'K' either you want to be married or not there is no such thing as a in between kind of rules......... most of us get married for the wrong reasons. if i have to add anything it will be if you are not ready or have doubt be frank to yourself dont let the confort or the eye candy foul you DO NOT DO IT!!!!!! :)

Anthony K said...

Good point Ben...
Thanks for the insights...