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Friday, February 4, 2011

Meeting my Destiny: #2. My wife Christen.

This story starts after Christen and I met briefly and I asked her for her number and a chat over a hot cup of coffee. A week later we went on our first date, here are the details...

On the day of our date, I talked to Christen on the phone and she was talking all kinds of smack.

She told me that she was not going to get into my car, and that she was from Youngstown and "people from Youngstown carry guns and knives on them."  Apparently she was trying to instill fear in me ... I guess she forgot that I hail from the great city of New Castle, the unsolved murder capital of the Universe

The hours flew by, and it came time to meet. I made sure to get there early, so I can set up the atmosphere to my liking.  I wanted to make sure that we had a comfortable place to sit and talk. I can remember at one point paying some guy to leave who was sitting close to where we would be conversing.  --I gave him 1 dollar to get lost.

As Christen rolled in, I spotted her and walked right up to her and asked her to hold out her hand. 

She did. I then pulled out a knife and placed it in her hand and said,
"Just in case you forgot yours...I want you to feel safe."  [I have no boundaries]. 
Her face turned as Cherry red as she grabbed the knife from my hand an shoved it into her pocket.

After, we ordered our coffee, sat down and the date commenced.  About an hour into things, I ran a revolutionary idea by her to break the ice.  The idea was a flash of inspiration I received when I drove past the Barns & Noble bookstore when we originally met.  The idea was as follows:  I asked Christen if she would like to break away from one another for 10 minutes and venture throughout the bookstore to gather books that best represent us. 
She loved the idea.

We both went our separate ways and 10 minutes later, we got back together with a stack of books in hand.

I suggested that we go from least important to most significant.
I remember picking books that included: Chocolate Lab's ( for Charlie Brown, my dog), Italian/Greece (my Heritage), photography (a hobby), James Dean (my general cool demeanor), and a Bible (my foundation).

Christen had similar picks: Butterflies (her favorite), Greece (Heritage), photography, Bible (her foundation).

Did you catch that?
The Bible was the last book that we had both taken out.

At that point, we talked about how Jesus transformed both of our lives and that the Bible is our foundation for living. No kidding, there was a lady who stopped us in the middle of our date and asked how long we have known each other?  When we said over an hour, she almost fell on the floor.

See, the thing about Christen and I is that we are the type of people that when you meet us for the first time -you just met who we are. We are basically just two open people who live life out loud. What you see is what you get ... no phonies here.  As we left the bookstore, we had already made plans to see each other again.
Fastforward to a few months after...
I pulled out my cell phone sitting in a parking lot after dinner and scrolled to the calender to let Christen know of some possible dates to get engaged and then married.  Time quickly passed, and on Christmas Eve we got engaged and in August we where married.

Months later, Christen told me that she knew on our first date that she was going to marry me. 

Today, we do almost everything together.  
            And I love it.
She is my love. She is my friend. She is my wife.

-She is my Destiny-

"A good wife who can find?
For her worth is far above jewels or gold."
-Proverbs 31:10

Next:  Meeting my Destiny #3, Jesus.

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