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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meeting my Destiny: #2, My wife Christen

Destiny Encounter #2:
My Wife Christen

Here is how this story plays out: 

At church, we have this particular Sunday where we give all the 3rd graders Bibles.
Getting ready for this, I called around to find the best prices on Bibles, and found a place in Boardman, Oh.  that had a really good deal going on. 
Like any good youth pastor, on the day that I set out to pick up the Bibles, I called a few youth to tag along.

After picking up the Bibles, one of the guys asks if we could swing by the mall?

On our way though Kauffmans' I spotted the most beautiful girl.  She had the longest eyelashes and the whitest teeth
--- And she stood there smiling at us.*

-Time stood still for me at that moment and we all looked at each other in a state of panic-
I knew I had to do something, so to buy time, I pretended to look for cologne. 
(take note of my smooth-ness) 

On my way over to the Cologne section (which was located a whole 6 feet away from her) I told my two guys to scram so I can gather my thoughts. 

-Insight Alert!
Peer into my mind at that moment & see how I interpreted the previous events.
-She smiled at me...that means she LIKES me !!!!!  
                                                                              But how do I get her phone number?
                                                   -I need to work some magic-

Back to the story: 
I decide to walk right up to her and act like I was interested in the products that she was selling. Which for women! I had to think fast so I pulled the mom card and played it.
"My mom loooooves this stuff!
Can I have your number and then she can call you to set something up?" [I said boldly]
Her response was a quick and thunderous two letter familiar word.

She refused to give me her number BUT she gave me her work number. [Mistake].
I said thanks, then asked a string of random and unnecessary questions about church, family and whatnot.

On the way home, I thought of a great first date, that is, if she was ever going to go on one with me.
So I called her at work and over time convinced her to go to Barns and Nobles with me for coffee.

My plan was to meet there, and if things were going well to lay this awesome & unbeatable idea out:
Each of us take 10 minutes to peruse the store for books that best represent us and then come back and present what we found in the order of least to most relevant to our lives.  (clever)

So on Wednesday, June 1st, Christen and I met at the bookstore. Sat down with our coffee. And the date began!


-How did the date go? 
-Did she actually show up?
-How long did it take Christen to fall in love with Anthony? 
a.  A really long time
b. After I paid for an all-expense spa treatment
c. Standing in line at the coffee shop @ Barns and Noble 

Check back and find out!

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