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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello, My name is Anthony Kladitis: A (Re) Introduction

Over the course of the last three weeks, I have had the privilege of meeting some pretty neat people. 
Encouraging words, uplifting notes, and inspired news were communicated in such a way that has lifted the spirits of my wife and I.

Considering this, I thought it proper to let you know a bit more about who I am.
Below, in a scattered frenzy of thoughts, I will Re-Introduce myself.

I am Greek (Dad's side..hence the last name) & Italian ( Mom's side...hence my first).
I am a follower of Jesus.  (Stay Tuned...)
I am happily married to Christen. (Stay Tuned...)
I have one dog...Charlie Brown. (He is a Chocolate Lab w/ attachment issues)
I am the Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at Northminster Presbyterian Church. (New Castle, Pa.)
I have two degrees. (Undergrad in Youth Ministry & an M.Div.)
I am about to finish up my second master's. (M.S. Organizational Leadership)

I have a superpower: I work, while you sleep.

I like to be outdoors.
I really really like Bruce Springsteen. (Stay Tuned...)
I am planning on pursing a Doctorate later this year. (Lord Willing!, Donations anyone???!!!)

I am right brained.
If you try to structure me or box me and I will not get along.

If you tell me no...that means yes.
If you tell me yes...that
Yes, I am one of those types of people you just love to hate Or is it hate to love...

I love to learn.
I love to read about the things that I am passionate about.

My desire is to make connections with others...
That means with you.
Because of this, I value you.
Your input.
Your comments.
Your ideas.

We are in this together. 

 My name is Anthony Kladitis. 
And it is nice to meet you.


rebecca said...

I hope that you and Christen continue to feel uplifted and encouraged by those in your real life and your followers in blogland. Hoping you & Christen continue to feel strength in the moments you need it most as you journey through your grief.

Doug and Brenda said...

Dear Anthony and Christen,
Through a mutual friend, we saw something on facebook a few weeks ago that let us know you were in need of prayer, but we just learned the details of what has happened.

Please know that our deepest sympathies are with you and that our hearts weep with yours; we trust the One, the only One, who is able to sustain you.

In Christ's Love,
Doug and Brenda Williams