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Friday, November 26, 2010

Meet You In My Dreams...

Last night when I went to bed
A funny thing happened when I thought about what you had said.

You said, "Go to bed my darling husband,
Go now and close your eyes,
So that I can meet you in my dreams on the other side."

So I did as you pleaded,
Hoping to meet you there...
I called out to you in the darkness, and there you did appear

At first I was afraid and then I felt scared,
But then you reached for my hand and told me,
"My love has followed you there"

You took me by the hand and held me so very close,
Then you led me through a beautiful garden,
Filled with the scent of a rose.

Christen, in my dream I can remember looking down at you,
Just gazing into the ocean of your beautiful eyes,
Thankful you had invited me in...
In to your dreams and there by your side

*I wrote this poem at seminary on Monday night, March 6th 2007 (Midnight). 
After a phone conversation with Christen, and being far from her.
There was only one place that I wanted to be....back in your arms.

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