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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Destiny: The Road You Didn't Even Know Was There

It has been said that a person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. Life is like that. Even now as I write this, I can think back to times in my life where something totally unplanned changed it.

Three examples come to mind: Bruce, Christen, Jesus. Over the next week, I'll choose one and write about it. I hope you join me!

Destiny encounter number two:  Christen 

At church, we have this particular Sunday called, "Bible Sunday" where we give all the 3rd graders Bibles in front of the church.  In order to get ready for this one year, I called around to find the best prices on Bibles and found a place in Boardman.  Like any good youth pastor, on the day that I set out to pick up the Bibles, I called a few youth to come along. 

After picking up the Bibles, one of the guys asks if we can run through the mall.  "I said OK, just as long as we make this dilly dally'n"   On our way through the mall, we cut through what was then a store called, Kaufman's.  On our way through, a girl with the longest eyelashes and the whitest teeth stood smiling at us.* 

-We all looked at each other and panic set in-

I knew I had to do something, so to buy time, I pretended to look for cologne.  I told the two guys to scram and I gathered my thoughts....

Take a second a peer into my mind at that moment:
-She smiled at me...that means she LIKES  me!!!!!!  pretty much all of my thoughts in a nutshell.
-Hmmm....but how do I get her phone number?  Time for the silver tongue to work some magic.

I then walked right up to her and acted like I was interested in the products that she was selling. Which for women!  I had to think fast so I pulled out the mom card and played on it.  "My mom loooooves this stuff!  Can I have your number and then she can call you to set something up?"  (I know, I am sad and it is OK to have pity on me...but remember, this actually worked and Christen is now my wife.  So now who is laughing). 

Anyway.  She refused to give me her number BUT she gave me her work number.  [Mistake].  I said thanks then asked a string of random and unnecessary questions about church and whatnot.  When she said she was a churchgoer, I knew she'd be mine.

On the way home, I thought of a great first date, that is, if she was ever going to go on one with me.  So I called her at work and over time convinced her to go to Barns and Nobles to meet me for coffee.  My plan was to meet there, and if things were going well to ask her if she would like for us to go through the bookstore and pick books that best represent us.  She liked that idea and in 10 minutes we got back together with a stack of books. 

I suggested that we should go from least important to most significant.  As we swapped books, we were learning about one another.  I remember picking books that included:  Chocolate Lab's (Charlie Brown, my dog), Italian/Greece (my Heritage), James Dean (my general cool demeanor), and a Bible (my foundation).  Christen had similar picks:  Butterfly's (her tattoo), Greece (Heritage), Bible (her foundation).

The Bible was the last books that we had taken out.  As we did, we talked about how Jesus transformed both of our lives at one point and that the Bible is our foundation for living.  If I only had come prepared with a diamond because at this point, it was the only thing missing!  I can even remember a lady stopping us in the middle of our date asking us how long we have known each other.   When we said over an hour, she almost fell on the floor.  See, the thing about Christen and I is that we are the type of people that when you meet us for the first time you just met who we are.  We are basically just two open people who live life out loud.  What you see is what you phonies here.

A few months after this date, I pulled out my cell phone and scrolled to the calender to let Christen know of the good possible dates to get engaged and then married.  Time quickly passed and on Christmas Eve we got engaged and in August we were married. 

Since our first date, we have been basically inseparable.  Later on, Christen told me that she knew on our first date that she was going to marry me. 

Today, we do almost everything together.  And I love it.  She is my love.  She is my friend.  She is my wife. 
She is my destiny.  

"A good wife who can find?
For her worth is far above jewels or gold."
-Proverbs 31:10 

*The reason Christen was smiling at us?  Well, she was actually laughing at all three of us.  She says that the two guys I was with where wearing all red.  Red basketball jersey's and red hats.  And I was wearing an ALL jean outfit. Yes, from head to toe.  So basically, what she saw was 2 Bloods with 1985 Springsteen.  I would of laughed too.


John said...

Thank you for sharing my brother. I am truly Blessed.

Anthony K said...

No problem John. Thanks for the nice feedback!

JeffFeola said...

i still cannot believe you won over the most beautiful putz!

Jeffrey said...

i cant believe you won over the prettiest one of them all...putz

Anthony K said...

I guess YOUR brother being their when we met at the mall had to help! Since he is connected to you...that means his looks must have played a part in my destiny...