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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby R' Us: The EVENT

Yesterday was a breakthrough for Anthony. All week, I was getting the signs that I was going to be asked to go to Baby R'Us for the baby registry.  All week I had a smorgasbord of excuses. 
-Oh, I planned something! My bad!
-I'll be praying for you, hunny
-Snap!  I have a throbbing pain right behind my left eye (that one got me out of class in high school btw)

After thinking about using one of those excuses, Christen and I were on our way to Cranberry to shop for the baby.

Within the first ten minutes, I located the section with the rocking chairs.  Within eleven minutes I walked over to them and sat down. With a stuffed animal in hand, I sat, rocked and thought about how weird it was that I was sitting in Baby R' Us. 

Soon, Christen got me out of the seat by giving me the scanner thingy and I felt powerful again.  I manned up and walked along side of her, and when what seems like the dawn of time passed, we were finished. 

Just as we were about to walk out of the store, Christen forgot to ask about something, so she went inside...I sat back down. 

During this brief sit, I noticed two elderly folks walk through the door.  A husband and wife.  Hand in hand.

It then dawned on me just how glad I was to be there with my wife on this day.  When I asked the girl at the counter "who usually goes baby registering?" she said: the mom, and usually one of her friends or family. 

[The husband is a rarity...I just new it!]

When that elderly couple walked past me, I thought about being their age and looking back on this day. I will never regret spending this time with Christen.  Sure, I guess I could have been home pretending to rake leaves or work on sounding like Bruce or something...but on Friday, I joined Christen in something that will only happen once in our lifetime. 

And for this I am thankful. 

"Husbands, love your wives just as Christ has loved the Church."  -The Apostle Paul


Lena said...

This actually brought tears to my eyes... You are too sweet, don't blink because it does go very fast, enjoy every moment! God Bless the THREE of you!!

Anthony K said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

very sweet!!! i'm so happy for the two of you to become parents, and im so happy christen has such a wonderful husband.
thats how i try to look at things that happen everyday in my life. weather its with my grandma, mom,dad,brother, husband, or best friend(christen). try to take yourself out of the moment and pretend like you are watching a movies of yourselves and just then you will really appreciate it and it will be a frozen picture in your memory to look back upon and cherish

Anthony K said...

Anonymous (Jen),
I once heard of a person talking about this and said he thinks of his life as a movie. Sometimes, he has to think about the ending and when times like these arise (baby registering) he knows he made the right choice.

deana said...

you brought tears to my's the little things that make us happy.....and mean the world