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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday boy and girl

June is always exciting for me. My birthday is the 9th and Christen's is the 7th. Since day one we have both decided that the 8th would become our new official unofficial day of celebration. This decion has forced us over the years to find things we both like to do together. No presents, no gift wrap, no shiny bags... It is all about spending time together and experiencing something new. This year we went to Cleveland for a couple days. We went to Great Lakes Brewery and to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. (Its a special Bruce weekend). On the way home we stopped at an overpriced Japanese Restaurant and then Panera for some desert and coffee... The weekend was short n sweet, but filled with great times. I love times like these with Christen...just me and her, exploring and falling in love. Is it time for you to plan something like this with your spouse?

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